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Arts, Frames, Accents: Your Burlington and Alamance County framing experts 

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Arts, Frames, Accents

3308 Alamance Road
Burlington, NC 27215

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We are back in the shop and are at your service for any framing needs.

Nancy and I bought a motorhome (a gently used older one).   So occasionally we’ll be gone on a trip. Not to worry though, we’ll keep you posted ahead of time on the website and answering machine and we still look forward to taking care of your framing needs. We’ll be looking for some interesting art to bring back as we travel.

Fine Art Print

Jacqueline JohnsonOne of the purest joys of operating a gallery is getting to know the artists. Never is there a more interesting group of individuals. - Larry Hinshaw, Owner.

Arts, Frames and Accents works with many local artists groups to find the most talented emerging and established artists. Art events and shows help to showcase local talent, and also ensure that there is always something new and exciting hanging on the walls.

Come into our extensive gallery today - there is always something new from the many local artists that work with Arts, Frames and Acents.


Art by Jaqueline Johnson. 


looking for volume framing?

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Phone:  336-570-0288
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Larry Hinshaw, Owner:

3308 Alamance Road
Burlington, NC 27215


Tues. - Thurs.  10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Or any time by appointment.

We make house calls!  We can come to your home and install large pieces, or come to do an in-home consultation on frame styles or colors.