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Why should you choose Arts, Frames, and Accents to frame your next piece?

Arts, Frames, and Accents adheres to the highest standards of quality available in the area. If you have a unique piece of art, a print, a newspaper article, or heirloom, we can frame it safely and beautifully. A custom frame will add longevity to your most treasured pieces. A properly framed piece of stichery can be protected from dust and acids in the air. A newspaper article or scrapbook page can be displayed without concerns for yellowing. A custom frame can protect and enhance anything from clothing to fine art. If it means something to you, we can frame it for you. Arts, Frames and Accents can create a frame for almost anything.


How is Arts, Frames, and Accents different from the discount framers?

In almost all cases, you get what you pay for. The workmanship, care, and quality of materials is unquestionably higher with Arts, Frames, and Accents. A discount framer can create a piece that can withstand a decade. We can create a piece that will withstand at least thirty years. You can expect to replace your furniture several times before you replace a piece of art framed by Arts, Frames and Accents. Bring your art to us: you'll be glad that you invested in the quality of a local product.



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Arts, Frames and Accents: Burlington, NC framing experts
Phone:  336-570-0288
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3308 Alamance Road
Burlington, NC 27215

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